This Affiliate Agent Support package is designed for the Beginner. Everything provided will help you build your business. If you price everything given to you in this package it would easily be 4 times the cost. We are able to provide all of our support services because of our volume and pass the savings on to you. All graphic design, type setting, programming, hosting, copyright licenses and shipping are included. The complementary tools and software included with our support services are listed below:

Bronze Support Tools:

  • Additional 10% Referral Gift – Total of 20% Referral On All Products*
  • Allow Own Reference – Get 20% Commission on Your own purchases
  • Your Digital Business Card Landing-Page → YourName.Income-Agent.com
  • Your eMail → YourName@Income-Agent.com
  • Business Cards 500 Every Year
  • Your Extension Number at (800) 555-1212 Extension 7???
  • Company ID Badge – Plastic Card with Hologram, Lanyard and Clip
    • With QR Code That Links to Your Digital Business Card
    • NFC Wireless Links to Your Digital Business Card
  • Microsoft Office 365® Business Basic
    • Web Versions
      • Word
      • Excel
      • Outlook
      • PowerPoint
      • Teams
    • 1 TB OneDrive storage
    • Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling Plan
  • Live Support – (You Only)

* Except As Expressly Noted Otherwise

You Represent All Products From:

Agent Focus

Income-TV is a revolutionary TV channel that sets itself apart from traditional network TV channels by sharing its advertisement revenue with the restaurant or business TV owners. Unlike the standard revenue model, which charges TV owners for the channel and keeps all advertisement revenue in the pocket of the TV network, Income-TV Network does not charge TV owners for the channel. Instead, it shares the income from advertisement revenue with restaurant or business owners. This unique revenue-sharing model allows a restaurant or business owner to make money from their TV. The longer the channel is displayed, the more money that is made.

With Income-TV, you not only get amazing content for free, but you also get to earn money while watching. Why settle for paying for TV services and not getting anything in return when you can enjoy free content and earn money at the same time?

Following the shopping center model of securing an anchor tenant that everyone recognizes and wants to go to, will help with customer traffic to the smaller tenants of the center. The Income-Agent can help drive customers and attention to all the smaller tenants in the shopping center by securing one or more TVs in a well-known national chain restaurant (anchor tenant) and selling advertising and other services to non-anchor tenants in the shopping center or surrounding area. The Income-Agent can offer advertising space inside the anchor tenant’s restaurant, with a no-risk and all-reward sale. Small business advertisements will appear on one or more TVs in the restaurant or lobby or waiting room of the anchor tenant, directing the large number of customers to the smaller businesses just a few doors away.

By participating in the Income-TV program, a successful anchor tenant of a shopping center can earn between $100 to $1,200 per month per TV, while also providing support to neighboring local small businesses in the community who are also customers and supporters of the anchor tenant.

Agent Focus


Agent Focus


Agent Focus


Your Contact Page
(Digital Business Card)
You Give This Page to Your Potential Customer Just Like a Business Card

Link Buttons on Page:

  • Send Me a Note: This button sends You an eMail Note from Your Customer to You
  • Office Call: This Calls the Income TV Office Number
  • Mobile Call: This Calls Your cell phone
  • Add To Contacts: Your Customer can Download Your information to there Phone Contacts
  • eMail: Sends an eMail from Your Customer to You
  • Mobile Text: Sends You a Text Message from Your Customer to You
  • Facebook: Sends Your Customer to Your Facebook page
  • QR Code: This is used by Your Customer to share Your Contacts with someone else
  • We continually incorporate additional buttons and tools to simplify your life.

Introducing our Contact Page, a digital business card that you can easily give to a potential customer. This page features a variety of link buttons that provide convenient ways for customers to contact you and keep your information on hand.

The “Send Me a Note” button allows customers to send you an email directly from the contact page, while the “Office Call” button lets them dial your office number. The “Mobile Call” button enables customers to call your cellphone, and the “Add to Contacts” button allows them to download your information directly into their phone contacts.

Additionally, the “eMail” button sends an email from your customer to you, and the “Mobile Text” button sends you a text message. The “Facebook” button directs customers to your Facebook page, and the “QR Code” button can be used to easily share your contact information with someone else.

With our Contact Page, you can simplify the process of staying connected with potential customers and make it easier for them to reach you.

Your Desktop Page
You keep this page to yourself. Create a phone shortcut or add to your phone home screen. This is used to make your sales presentation easier by having all your information at your fingertips.

Link Buttons on Page:

  • Office Main #: Calls the Income TV Office Number
  • Contact Page: This will load Your Contact page above
  • ID Card: Shows Your digital ID Card both front and back
  • QR Code: Displays Your QR Code so Your Customers phone can use it to link to Your Contact page
  • eMail to Client: Sends a pre-written eMail from You to a potential Client
  • eMail to New Agent: Sends a pre-written eMail from You to a potential Agent
  • Text to Client: Sends a pre-written text from You to a potential Client
  • Text New Agent: Sends a pre-written text from You to a potential Agent
  • We continually incorporate additional buttons and tools to simplify your life.

Introducing our Desktop Page, a personal tool that helps you streamline your sales presentation. This page is designed for your own use and can be easily accessed by creating a phone shortcut or adding it to your phone / table / laptop home screen.

The Desktop Page features a variety of link buttons that provide quick access to important information you need during a sales presentation. The “Office Main #” button allows you to easily call the Income TV Office Number, while the “Contact Page” button loads your Contact Page above.

The “ID Card” button displays your digital ID Card, showing both the front and back sides. The “QR Code” button displays your QR Code, which your customers can use to link to your Contact Page.

In addition, the “eMail to Client” button sends a pre-written email from you to a potential client, while the “eMail to New Agent” button sends a pre-written email to a potential agent. The “Text to Client” button sends a pre-written text from you to a potential client, and the “Text New Agent” button sends a pre-written text to a potential agent.

With our Desktop Page, you can easily access all the information you need to make a successful sales presentation, streamlining the process and making it easier to connect with potential clients and agents. We are continually adding more buttons and tools to simplify your life and enhance your sales experience.

How to Scan a QR Code on an iPhone iOS 11

Apple’s iOS 11 included many enhancements including the addition of a QR reader into the smartphone’s camera. To scan a QR code with an iPhone camera:

  1. Launch the Camera app
  2. Frame the QR code
  3. Look for the notification banner at the top of the screen
  4. Tap the notification to trigger the code’s action

Smartphones running iOS 10 or earlier can scan many types of QR codes using the Wallet app. The Wallet app can’t read every QR code. For a one-stop QR reader you’ll need a third-party app.

How to Scan a QR Code on an Android Phone

As is typical with Android the answer is a little complicated. If your device has Google Now on Tap you can use the stock camera or a third party camera to scan a QR code in a few steps. Now on Tap is available on most phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or up.

  1. Launch your camera
  2. Point it at the QR code
  3. Press and hold the home button
  4. Tap to trigger the code’s action

On stock Android devices, such as the Pixel line, Now on Tap has been replaced by the Google Assistant and this feature no longer works. If a phone doesn’t have Now on Tap you’ll need to download a third-party app.

It is very easy, Give it a try.

Your eMail Address

You will receive a custom eMail address from Income-Agent. Your new eMail address can be fetched from any email program. Example: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail, Android Mail and any Web-mail Browser.

We recommend using Microsoft Outlook from your Office 365 account included with this support package.

Business Cards

Your image is everything, that is why we commissioned Vistaprint to deliver the Best Card Stock, Highest Gloss and Sharpest image possible on your business cards. Each card is unique with Your Name, Your Income-Agent 800 number Extension, YourName@Income-Agent.com eMail Address, YourName.Income-Agent.com Landing Page and your Affiliate Support Level.

On the Back of the Card is your custom QR code. When you point your smartphone camera at the QR code, it will link you to your Landing Page with all of your contact information. The Back of the card even has a white blank area for notes you may want to give your client. You will receive a box of 500 cards every year from Vistaprint.

Phone System – Citrix Grasshopper

We include the Citrix Grasshopper phone system because your business must look, sound and feel as professional as you are. You are part of the SS7 Switch and VoIP system that Income-Agent uses for its internal phone system. You will be given an extension number that will forward to your smartphone.

When a caller enters your Extension number, they will be placed on hold while our server calls the number you provided. After you answer our call, you will hear a message asking you to press 1 to accept the call (it will connect you to the caller) or press 2 to send the caller to your Income-Agent voicemail.

It uses your existing iPhone or Android smartphone to make and receive calls. You can listen to your voicemail from the smartphone app or login with your computer. If a caller sends you a fax it is sent to your Income-Agent eMail.

Company ID Badge

This is the official office ID Badge for Income-Agent. The card is plastic with a security overlay. It is about the size and thickness of a credit card. You can attach it to your clothing with the included clip or hang it around your neck with the included lanyard.

It is used as official identification that you represent Income-Agent. The Card displays Your Name, Database Grade, Department, Issue Date, Expiration Date, ID Number and your Bronze Affiliate Support Level.

On the front of the Card is your custom QR code. When you point your smartphone camera at the QR code it will link you to your Landing Page with all of your contact information.

The ID Card is also your key to all Income-Agent offices. This will grant you access to our company office during normal business hours.

Office 365 Business Essentials

Office 365 is a cloud-based service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Word, Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Skype for Business, Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Web Versions
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • PowerPoint
  • 1 TB OneDrive storage
  • Skype For Business

Live Support – Text Chat ● Phone ● Video

The Bronze Support package includes support only for the Affiliate Agent. To access your support Login to your dashboard and select Support. We provide live tech support to existing clients nationwide. If you are not a client and need live technical support please contact our sales department. We are committed to helping you build your business.

It is also very impressive to have one of our office sales managers on a Zoom video conference during your sales presentation. This will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are explaining the Income-Agent services correctly to your customer. * We will assist you in closing more deals.

All of the tools and software above are designed to help you and will be used in our support session. An example is the Office 365 – OneDrive storage. You will find all company affiliate documents, instructions to new tools and information updates in the “Income-Agent Affiliate Folder”.

Another Example is the use of Office 365 Power Point presentation platform to assist you with product education and understanding.

* A Sales Manager Zoom video conference call is only available on the Gold Support Subscription.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No Hassle, No Questions Asked

We cannot guarantee sales, signups or people purchasing your product. Famous analogy: “You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink”. This is true for advertising. We guarantee to bring thousands of people to your website, but can not make them purchase. If we are not able to get the number of guaranteed pageviews to your site, based on advertising subscription pageview promise, you will get your money back no questions asked.

Tax Deductible
Business Expenses

To be deductible, a business expense must be both ordinary and necessary. An ordinary expense is one that is common and accepted in your trade or business. A necessary expense is one that is helpful and appropriate for your trade or business. An expense does not have to be indispensable to be considered necessary.

>>> click here – more information

Shop Confidently with the Income-Agent Famous No-Hassle Guarantee.

We want you to feel confident in your decision to use our service, which is why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, contact us for a complete refund of your current months purchase. No questions asked. We Guarantee Our Products 100%.

We are more interested in a long term relationship with you, than the small profit we can make with one order. We strive to amaze our customers with our professional abilities and the trust we have in you, our customer.

We are committed to offering award winning service to our customers, with a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us at service@Income-Agent.com

You’re going to love doing business with Income-Agent!


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